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We are a Team of independent market intelligence experts that provide actionable insights to help you better understand your market and the economy, with best in class strategic risk analysis you can trust your asset with us for intended future purposes.

Our mission is to find the simplest and most effective business approach for our clients and partners through thorough information gathering, data interpretation and forecast to navigate for success.

At GMI, we believe in leadership, which is why our company is led by a diverse team of experts who demonstrate the vision of the company and reinforce its mission through the development and leading of its market industries. Our executives are goal-driven and dedicated to creating a vital space for inclusion and expression for our team. Their responsibility is to maintain working relationships and partnerships with our clients and partners.

GMI’s leadership is committed to raising leaders by empowering employees to take initiative and make decisions that move the business forward for the benefit of our community. Each individual is well interconnected with partners, technology and tools for the market which foster clever actions that have ripple effects far beyond the present.

  • to enable global investors to achieve their most important goals by providing insights, solutions and exceptional client service
  • Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. We are here to help our clients, employees, shareholders and communities achieve financial security, financial mobility, and financial sustainability even for future generations.

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